Thursday, September 16, 2010

My first one...

This is my first attempt at using a quilt pattern. 

Initially I thought it would be very easy... Just stitching straight lines... But no! I was wrong! It requires a lot of calculation and also we need to be very precise with our measurements. I did this by measuring the length using a 12 inch scale on my vegetable chopping board. I am new to the use of rotary cutter. The cuts do not come that straight! Need more practice, I guess!

So, how do you find the new cover for the padding of our chair? :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Under the spell of Python!

During my childhood days, I considered Python to the best amongst all the snakes. First of all, it is an Indian snake.. too much of patriotism, is it? And second of all, it is a non-poisonous snake unlike cobra.. that makes it a little less scarier..! ;-) And third of all, even if the python swallows a human being, there is a possibility of slitting the snake open and saving the person...! Of course, there is every possibility that the snake would wind itself around a tree right after it swallows me, but still...! Weird thinking!

Now you must be still wondering who is under the spell of Python... It is well known that a snake can come under the spell of the snake charmer but not vice versa.. Here I have a person, who lives in a trance and eats, breathes and sleeps Python! Not the reptile but the language! My hubby has gone so much into this Python programming language that last night he was blabbering about it in his sleep. "main...", "semicolon...","no curly braces...".. blah.. blah.. blah.. Even when I woke him up to ask him what he wanted to have along with Khichdi, he blabbered "blah blah.. curd..blah.. blah" using his Python syntax!

God knows when he will get out of the trance. Wish I could break the spell, but I am no witch!!! :)

Wondering what this picture has to do with Python. Well, nothing at all! This is a photo taken during the recent Fremont Fair. The spiraling things reminded me of snakes and hence it's a part of this post! :)