Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Statelessness of Life...

Last half a year has been a roller-coaster ride of emotions and feelings... Love, Hatred, Trust, Betrayal, Care, Understanding, Ruthlessness, Sacrifice, Envy, Joy, Sorrow, Innocence, Anger, Patience, Grief, Excitement, Tolerance, Loneliness, Friendship, Enmity, Contentment, Mischief, Fulfillment...

Every second of life seems to be a mystery taking unexpected twists and turns. Whoa! What a life!

"Are you enjoying?" you may ask. My answer will solely depend on the kind of feelings that I am undergoing at that moment of time. Sometimes I feel like banging my head to the wall, at other times, I feel like running away and at other times, I simply wish the time stops and let this feeling continue...

"You are so unpredictable!" you may comment... I may retort back saying, "What is predictable? At least not this life... Not my life with V!!!"

Friday, May 21, 2010

Aap Jaisa Koi...

Deadly night... Deserted roads...
Chill weather... Chirpy conversation..
Long ride... Lovely sights...
Two souls... One two-wheeler...
Timeless Journey... Priceless Moments...

The icing on the cake???
Singing all the way... together!
All our Favorites from old Hindi Movies...
The best one being...'Aap Jaisa Koi...'
Screaming at the top of our voices.. To be heard above the sound of our vehicle...
What a great time we had!
Even while I write,
Glimpses of that day,
Flash in my mind's eye!

Oh! It's exactly six(read that as 'sweet-six') months since we lost our Bachelor's(Spinster's) degree!

Greetings to us both! :D

A story...

No.. No... This is not a technical post. Sometimes, I just get carried away and publish posts related to the technical stuff that I learn. So, to compensate for the technical post (that was published earlier today), here is a story. I have not yet decided the name of it.

Here is begins:

She was getting back from the library when it all began. What started as a cool breeze and a mild drizzle on a hot summer afternoon, in no time, turned into a continuous downpour accompanied by lightning and thunder... The sky was dark and the visibility low due to the mist covering the windowpanes of the bus. She could hear the pitter-patter of rain drops onto the roof of the bus and see water trickling through the tiny gap between the shut windowpanes.

She wiped the water vapour on the window with her hands and noticed the condition on the roads. There was water everywhere and in some places the underground drainage manholes were overflowing. She noticed many people abandoning their bikes and other two-wheelers and rushing for the shelter of shops and roadside restaurants. The rainwater was flowing from the footpaths onto the roads steadily and in the low-lying areas, the water was knee-deep. At one such area, where they stopped for traffic signal, the water was above the level of the exhaust pipe of a car and the driver had to stop the vehicle, push it to the edge of the road and wait for the water to subside. She hoped that the rain would stop before the bus reached her stop. But no, it continued to rain when she got down the bus. She sprinted for the nearby pavement which was already full of people.

Her wet salwar-kameez stuck to body like second skin and the chiffon duppatta did little to conceive the curves of her body which were already eyebrow-raising due to the wetness making the fabric almost transparent. She cursed herself for wearing such a dress. At the same time she was a little relieved that she had indeed worn a long cotton petticoat underneath, even though she was half-mind that afternoon to wear it in the hot sultry weather.

How weather changes at the drop of a hat!!! Who would have believed that this raining day started out as a hot morning?

"What time is it?" asked the old lady standing next to her.
She checked her watch. It was getting close to 6 O' clock. She told the old lady the time and at the same time was wondering how to save her books from getting soaked in the rain water. The polythene bag that she was carrying did not have any holes. But the water dripping from her arms may seep in through the gaps in the opening of the bag. I have to somehow protect my books she thought.

"Where do you stay, my child?" enquired the same old lady who seemed to be quite interested in her. "Amba Gardens. It is around ten minutes walk from here" she replied.
"I know Amba Gardens. In fact, my home falls on the way to your home. Why don't we start walking back home?"
"But it is raining..."
"We don't know when it's going to stop. It is also getting dark, dear. The more we wait, the more difficult is will be to get back."

She realized that there was truth in what the old lady was telling. May be she should accompany her... And... May be she could stop by at the old lady's place and get another sturdy water-proof cover for my books... Her eyes brightened and a smile spread across her face... Yes! She would surely go along with the old lady.

"Please hold my hand," the old lady begged, "I tend to lose my balance while walking on slippery roads." She held the lady's hand. Muddy muddles were form here and there on the road and at some places the water was above the level of the footpath. The rain continued to lash against their bodies. She shivered in the cold.

They walked in silence. After a couple of minutes of walking, the old lady pointed to a 5-storey building and said, "That's my apartment! I live in the 3rd floor." She had a feeling that she had already been to that apartment. However much she tried, she could not exactly remember who stayed there and in which floor she had been to visit them.

"Thank you very much, my child," exclaimed the old lady, shaking hands with her. "You are welcome! Could I have a polythene bag for my books?" she asked, "They may get soaked due to rain." "Oh sure!"

She followed the old lady into the building, climbing three flight of stairs, for there was no power. The building had an eerie look, especially because of the weather. She was wondering if she had done the right thing to get into this lady's house. Looking back, she realized that the old lady was the one who seemed to take a lot of interest in her. She hoped the lady was not enticing her into the house to take advantage of her. What if the lady was a part of a kidnapping gang? Or worse, a gang that was into selling women for flesh-trade. Oh my God! How thoughts fly!

"Please do come in," offered the lady, after opening the main door of the apartment, "Please make yourself comfortable; I will get a towel for you to dry yourself." She looked around the house. It looked like a two bedroom flat with a huge kitchen and an L-shaped drawing room. She did not sit on the sofa; not wanting to spoil it with her wet clothes. She stood at one place watching the water dripping from the clothes onto the marble floor. The old lady came out of a bedroom with a towel in one hand.

"Take this and use this bathroom adjacent to the wash basin," she pointed, "I can't wait to get out of these wet clothes!"
"It's okay auntie; it's getting late; I have to leave..."
But the lady was already gone and her voice was too low to be heard!!!

She went into the bathroom and wrung the water out of her dupatta and ends of her salwar-kameez. She wiped her arms and face with the towel. She was not going to get out of this dress. No way! Every now and then, she peeked out of the bathroom, to ensure that the main door was still ajar and there was no one else around.

Will be Continued in the next post... Do give your valuable comments... :D

Dynamic OA Personalization using FormFunctions

Requirement: Hiding a field in an OA page based on the responsibility from which the page was opened. For example, consider hiding the ‘Start Action’ column in Payment Process Requests Tab (Navigation: AP Super User > Payments > Payments Manager > Payment Process Requests Tab)




  • At the responsibility level, set the rendered property to false.
  • Drawback:
    • We need to hide the column for multiple responsibilities. Hence, we need to open the same OA page in different responsibilities and then, hide the column using OA personalization


Option-2: Very apt if all the responsibilities where the column is to be hidden use the same menu. This tutorial is about option-2

  1. Create a new Form Function of UnknownType’
  2. Find the name of the menu being used for accessing the OA page
  3. Query for the menu and add the new form function created above in Step-1 and select the ‘Grant’ checkbox
  4. Go to the OA page that needs to be personalized and select the column that needs to be shown/hidden for personalization. In the rendered property at the site level enter the SPEL expression as ‘${oa.FunctionSecurity.<functionName>}’
  5. This means if the menu has the above created function with ‘Grant’ checkbox checked, then the column gets displayed; otherwise the column remains hidden

Detailed Steps to follow:

  • Create a new Form Function





  • Query for the responsibility and then copy the name of menu that is being used


  • Query for the Menu AP_NAVIGATE_GUI12 and add the form-function created in the first steps. The Grant checkbox will decide whether the column on the OA page will be displayed or not. If the Grant checkbox is selected, then the column will be displayed. If the Grant checkbox is not selected, then the column will be hidden.


  • Now go to the OA page (Navigation: AP Super User > Payments > Payments Manager > Payment Process Requests Tab)
  • Click on “Personalize Page”


  • Click on the Update icon (Pencil Icon) for the item Column: (ActionSwitcherCol)” to view the below page. Now for the Rendered property, at the site level, select ‘SPEL’ from the poplist and then in the textbox next to it, enter ‘${oa.FunctionSecurity.XX_CARE_TEST}’ and click on ‘Apply’


  • Now, go back to the Menu form and query for the Menu. De-select the Grant checkbox and save to hide the Start Action column


  • We observe that the Start Action column is hidden
***** End of Exercise! :) *****

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love is in the air!

Cool Breeze... Swaying Trees...
Mild Drizzle... Fragrant Earth...

Hyderabad looks more liveable...
Thanks to Laila!

*****(It's at the expense of coastal areas... What an irony! One's food is another's poison!)*****

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Car-ride with Karthik!

Car-ride with Karthik has always been a fun-ride... His funny comments and stories make me roll onto the floor clutching my tummy and laughing... His presence is like laughing gas...
In Karthik's own words: "Karthik's laugh and Yawning are contagious!!!"
Here are some of the rib tickling comments that he passes while driving:
  • (To a pedestrian crossing the road): He is simply moon-walking, man!
  • (To the vehicle-driver in front of his car, that is going at a snail's pace, even though all other vehicles are going fast): Nidhra mabbu lo nadipisthunnaadu! (loosely translated: He is driving in his sleep)
  • (To a pedestrian crossing the road): Kallu mooskoni cross chesthunnadu (He is crossing with his eyes tightly shut)
  • (To another pedestrian crossing the road): oorike itu nundi atu walking chesthunnaadu! (loosely translated as: He is on his morning walk and walking from this side of the road to that side!)
  • (To another pedestrian who crossed the road in a hurry right in front of Karthik's car): Did you find only my car to commit suicide!!! :P
It's a pleasure to sit in his car while he drives and entertains us!!! May be that's why his name has the word Car (KARthik) in it!!! ha ha ha :D

Needless to say, this post has been completely dedicated to the funny driver.. Oops.. I mean.. to our dear Karthik! :D

Monday, May 10, 2010

Muscle Joke: Counterfeit Change

Conversation between two foreigners in India
Foreigner-1: Do you have change for this 250-rupee note?
Foreigner-2: I wish I could help you. I have only three 75-rupee notes with me!

Did you have enough muscle exercise for today? :D

(To read more on muscle jokes click here)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Love and Distance

My travel got postponed by another weekend and so, iGoogle's Love-Quote gadget consoled me like this:
"A part of you has grown in me.
And so you see,
it's you and me together forever;
and never apart,
maybe in distance,
but never in heart."

Waiting for next weekend.... May be then I will be in a flight flying towards you...! :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Writing and Mood Swings...

Gone are the days when I would write everything I felt... good or bad... Happy or sad... I would write to my heart's content. I always believed that writing things would help in healing those bad feelings and pouring our feelings out would give me immense relief. 

However, later I realized that all I am left with is a blog full of sad posts and re-reading them would make me re-live those moments all over again. Then one day I decided not to write about sad things. Though I had a couple of posts lined-up, I did not publish them, because they were not the happy ones! They were the ones that I would want to forget the most in my life... That phase of life is a past now... And I made up my mind not to publish them at all... They will never ever be published!

I started writing about cheerful things in life, about jokes and naughty things and about things that made me happy... Even though my heart would ache and I would be in in the worst of moods, yet, I had managed to write all rosy stuff...

But now I am not able to control my frustration...

While I see so many people leaving for the place I was to go a month ago, I am made to wait... I am not even told how long this wait would be... "You will travel next weekend..." is what I hear every week and that 'next' weekend has not come yet... I am still waiting, while others leave for the same place...

This weekend is very different from any others. This Saturday is my Birthday and I wish to spend it with my hubby... Will I? It is my first birthday after my marriage. Well, I will just wait as I have waited all this while... I have no other option, do I?