Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good Old Days - Hand Writing

I recall those school days when we had cursive writing books and a special period/class for cursive handwriting. The cursive handwriting books had four-ruled pages. The first line in every page was a sentence printed in cursive writing. We tried our best to copy the hand-writing onto every line of that page. Some of us would write all the first words first throughout the page, then write the second words and so on... Some others would write sentence by sentence. We had extra marks/points for good handwriting.

I love cursive writing because it looks so beautiful and we can write the entire word.. almost... without lifting the pen/pencil off the paper. 

We would compare hand-writings and try to infer what it tells about the personality of the writer. For example, very large writing means the person needs attention and very  small handwriting means the person lacks self-confidence or may suffer from inferiority complex. Then, we would also observe the slants of writing. Some people have letters slanting to the right, which means they are excited about their future. The handwriting with letters slanting to the left means the person is caught in the past. An upright handwriting does not reveal any such quality! 

If a person wrote their "I"s always in lowercase like 'i like reading' instead of 'I like reading', the person lacks self-confidence. There were lot of other things we noticed like... using a small circle instead of dot on top of i's and j's... having large word to word spacing... or having narrower words... I don't remember what those mean though...

All this handwriting analysis may not be true at all; but it was a fun way to spend time and it was as interesting as reading people's palms. We do not know anything about palmistry, but as children we wanted to show off that we knew a lot of things... You know what I mean! :-)

We would also observe each others' signatures. The more illegible the signature is, the more the person is hiding his/her true nature. A person whose signature bears close resemblance to their name indicates that the person is honest. That's what we thought! Those were the days when we were still trying out new signatures and evaluating which one we wanted to use for the rest of our lives! :-)

This morning when I started writing... I mean actual writing on a paper... I realized how ugly my handwriting has become... It was more like a scribble... 

These computers have spoiled us so much that we hardly have any need to use pen and paper except for jotting down our shopping list... I don't even know if I will understand what I have written... It is so bad... My n's and m's are similar... The first few letters of the word are legible but the rest is like a running trail of thread... It's like I am in a rush to complete the word... the sentence... Oh my God! I cannot believe myself that I could forget how to write! I am thinking of practising to write. It may sound silly. But I should do it. I do not want anyone to see me write like this!!!


Sri said...

:-) Felt the same many a times!

Typo-Psycho said...

Very nice article Arathi :)

Arathi said...

Thank you Sri and Typo-Psycho! :)