Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Phew! The quilt is done!

After my "Trip Around the World"(not an actual trip around the world... but I am referring to my quilt here... :D),  I immediately started on another quilt. This time I wanted to do a bigger quilt with lot of half-square triangles. As the arm of my sewing machine is short and I cannot imagine hand-stitching the whole quilt, I decided I would make the quilt piece by piece. I read up a book on lap quilting and thought it was the perfect thing to do.

The instructions in the website are very clear and I loved the pattern. I made all the blocks in a weekend. Now came the task of joining all three layers together, piece by piece. My oh my! The quilt felt so heavy to move it on my sewing machine. 

Meanwhile there were so many other projects in the pipeline. When I would get time to sew, I would prefer take up a new project rather than work on the quilt. This went on and on until I could not bear to look at the half-finished quilt. I had to finish it and get going with other things! And phew! It got done! :-)

Want a peek inside? Here! ;-)

Shall we see some more of the quilt? ;-)

I know... I know... I must be irritating you with my silly jokes... Here it is... The complete quilt that was attached piece by piece...

Here are some close up snaps too!


Like it? Oh I love it! I know it is not perfect. At some places, some valleys were formed where the batting got stretched a little. But I am quite relieved to complete this. It gives me more time to do new things... like a fabric tote... more about it in coming posts! :-)


Donna said...

Arathi, this is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so impressed with you, Quilter Girl. And here you are, increasing your bag of quilting tricks! Can't wait to see what you do next. And as you work on bags, I'm here for whatever support you may need!

Arathi said...

Thank you Donna! It all started with me stumbling upon your blog! :)

I am working on basic cloth bags not yet the quilted ones... I may bug you with questions soon!