Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A cover for our Kindle

Did I tell you we bought a new Kindle paperwhite recently? We love it! I downloaded a lot of free classics from Amazon; my first one being "Secret Adversary" by Agatha Christie. It is the first novel of the Tommy-Tuppence series. They are not married yet in this novel. I enjoyed reading it on my kindle. :)

It was time to make a cover for our kindle; and I finally completed making it.

Doesn't it look pretty? Here's how it looks from the inside.

How did I make it? Well here is the list of stuff I used:
  1. Two inch elastic and one button for the closure
  2. Outside fabric - 21.5" X 5.75" piece and 8" X 5.75" piece (white and pink floral print)
  3. Inside fabric - 14" X 5.75" piece (blue and green plaid flannel)
  4. Batting - 22" X 6"
  5. 2-inch bias cut of the fabric around 60" length

First joined the 14" X 5.75" plaid fabric with the 8" X 5.75" floral print to make a 21.5" X 5.75" piece.

Then prepared the quilt sandwich as shown below: the outside fabric, then batting and then the inside fabric (plaid plus floral print joined piece)

I quilted the pieces together. We can use pins to hold the layers together.

The batting is a little larger than the fabric pieces. This may be helpful while sewing the layers together. Even if the inner fabric gets pulled a little it is okay as it will not be seen from outside. This fabric will be  at the inner side of the pocket that holds the kindle.

Trim the extra batting on all sides and use the 2-inch bias tape for binding the piece.

Now it is time for the button and the loop.

I hand-stitched them onto the cover.

Hmm... Can't take my eyes off this new cover!! :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Trail Challenge 2013

I am proud to say I have signed up for this trail challenge. I hope this will add more exercise to my lazy life.

Click here for more info on the challenge. It's FREE, so sign up if you live close to the Bay area.... and challenge yourself!