Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Muscle Joke: Intro

What is a Muscle Joke?

It is a joke which causes minimum muscles on our face to move. When we smile a lot of muscles on our face get exercised. But with a muscle joke, only 1 or 2 muscles get moved!!! We can say, it is worse than a PJ(Poor Joke)

Our Mastimakerz were the ones to coin this term:'Muscle Joke' and most of our jokes belong to this category. From now on we will have muscles jokes on our blog to entertain/exercise the individual muscles of our readers!!! :)

To start with here's a muscle joke:

Husband: Aise beech main chod ke gaye to kaise???
Wife: Hyd mein beach kahan hai ji??? :)

The above joke is in Hindi and for readers who are not familiar with Hindi, let me explain. 'beech' in Hindi means 'middle'.

Husband: Aise beech main chod ke gaye to kaise??? (How can you leave me in the middle(beech) like this?)
Wife: Hyd mein beach kahan hai ji??? :) (Where do we have beach in Hyderabad?)

I know... The jokes are pathetic and are perfect to be buried... But I can't help publishing them! :D


Renu said...

which of the mastimaker has come out with this joke? it was a good one, not at all the muscle category..laughed really well!

Arathi Prakash said...

This is one of my own muscle jokes! :D

Gayu said...

We need the mastimaker muscle jokes to be published as would be great that way

Arathi Prakash said...

Even I want all our mastimakerz jokes to be published... I am racking my brains and not finding many..!! Help me na...!