Friday, April 16, 2010

Silence is indeed bliss!

Sometimes you are not really in a mood to talk with anyone. You want to be just by yourself. On such days, the main enemies are 'questions'. When people start asking something, you try to answer them in monosyllables and that results in them asking even more questions to know more about want they have already asked. (The monosyllable answers did not help them, right?)

Even phone calls pose a threat to you. Who is in a mood to chat away to glory with some long lost friend who has called you up to say a 'hello'? There are long periods of silence between the conversation while we wait impatiently for the person to end the call.

You try to avoid people by plugging your ears which earphones and switching on some music. Even then, some persistent people are bound to physically shake and catch your attention (you have already noticed them over the corner your eye and pretend not to notice!). And you reluctantly remove your earphones and try to concentrate on their drawling voice.

To appreciate sound, we need to relish silence too... It brings a calm upon us and packs us with so much energy... It gets us mind to an equilibrium state that helps us easily face any kind of situtations... In this noisy world, silence is rare to be found.. Even now, with the entire world sleeping and me writing this post, I can hear the tap-tap of the keys of the keyboard... Even these seem to be deafeningly loud to me! So, I end my post here to bring more silence into me!

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