Monday, September 26, 2011

Private Screening?

We did not even know where the cinema theatre was! With GPS for our guidance, we ended up at a AAA office. Google does not show it right! 

Then we decided to get back onto the main road and proceed further. It helped! There stood the theatre all alone with very few cars in the parking lot. We were half an hour early for our show. We wandered around the theatre for sometime... then we went in and spent some more time looking at the posters and chatting about this and that! The time seemed to stand still.. or was our watch not working?! We bought popcorn and waited right in front of the screen that read: "The Rise of The Planet of Apes"

I never wanted to watch the movie and Vikram wanted to watch it on a 3-D screen. That evening we were thinking of watching Smurfs on 3-D. However the shows for the day were over and our next choice was "The Rise of The Planet of Apes". Luckily for me, the show was not a 3-D one! I am scared of watching movie without animation on 3-D screen. They seem so real.. and so much more scary!

Well, now here we were inside the theatre, just two of us. A couple of minutes later, four more people joined. But none of them were in our row, not even in the row in front of us or behind us! 

And I was the only girl who watched that show at that theatre!!!

V and I felt that it was more like watching the movie at home. We could talk with each other (discuss the scene) while we watched and there was no chance of anyone getting disturbed!

We loved the movie! And that was not it.. We got a free refill of popcorn too! ;-)

I would love to watch more movies at this theatre! It makes me feel... I am the Queen of the world! :-)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vinayaka Chaturthi

Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi! :)

For the festival, I decided to make a Patchwork of Lord Vinayaka. It is still not complete with it borders, yet we used it for our puja this morning.

May Lord Vinayaka bless us with peace and happiness!