Friday, July 11, 2008

Why do they never seem to understand?

Why doesn't any guy want to get married?
Pat comes the reply. "I am not ready to take any responsibility" or "Why should I lose my freedom, yaar?" or "It's too early for me to get married."

Whenever the girl-friend tries to broach the subject of marriage, the guy either gets irritated or gives a deaf ear to it. Why?

Girl: "My parents are looking out for matches for me..."
Boy: "Hmm..."
Girl: "Shall I talk with them about you?"
Boy: "Well... I am not sure dear! Shall I tell you something?"
Girl: "What?"
Boy: "I have always felt that I am not the right guy for you."
Girl: "So?"
Boy: "There are much better guys in the world, sweetie."
That simply means go find another groom for yourself. Well, the guy knows deep in his heart that nothing like that will happen. His girlfriend will definitely wait for him. So, he has nothing to lose. But how about the girl? She will have to bear the pressure of her parents from one side and handle her relatives who try to bring new matches for her everyday and endure those people who keep asking why she is not married yet.

Girl: "It's been five years since we've been seeing each other."
Boy: "Oh yes, honey! Never realized that the time could fly this fast!"
Girl: "I think it's time we get married."
Boy: "But don't you think it's too early for me to get married. I am just 24."
Girl: "So, am I... And for a girl, 24 is high-time that she gets married!"
Boy: "Can't you wait for me?"
Girl: "Atleast let's get engaged."
Boy: "So, you don't trust me?"
How is the girl supposed to answer that question? First of all, the society does not spare a moment to harass her with questions about her marital status, as though that is the most important thing in the world; and to make the matters worse, there is no support from the guy also. If the girl did not trust him, then she will never allow him to come any closer. The fact that she has been going steady with him for five years, implies that she completely trusts him. But can he not reciprocate her trust by getting married to her or atleast getting engaged to her?

Girl: "Darling, will you marry me?"
Boy: "Er... er... your question kind-of shocked the hell out of me?"
Girl: "What's there in it to get shocked?"
Boy: "Well, that was a very unexpected question dear..."
Girl: "You have not answered me yet."
Boy: "To be frank, I have never wanted to get into any kind of relationships."
Oh! So he was not interested in any relationships, but he did not mind getting closer and make her a little more than a close friend. What happened to his so-called principle of not getting into relationships, when he took her out for a date? And what did he not think about his principle when they continued to see each other continuously for two full years?

I say: "To hell with such guys!"


Ravi Kandala said...

Hi Arathi,
I stumbled upon ur blog just now and lemme tell u about this post. I've been in two relationships so far wherein the girl and me were extremely close and when marriage came up they ran away and hid behind their dads who did not want them to get married to someone they did not choose. So, pls pls pls...look at the other side of the coin too......

suman said...

Do u mean only guyz r bad n gals r good? I didn't like this article as it is like criticizing all the guys.

Arathi Prakash said...

Ravi and Suman,

Thanks for your comments...

Suman, I never said gals are good or guys are bad... What I meant was: when the question of marriage comes most guys get uncomfortable and try to postpone it...

Ravi, may be I am looking at one side of the coin only, but as far as my experience goes, I feel I am right... The question is not about love marriage or arranged marriage... It's more to do with committment from the side of the guy..

Renu said...

well arathi I guess I agree with you partially and also with Ravi, its not just the guys but the girls are also the same just that the reasons vary.........

Karthik Thadakamalla said...

Arathi ..nuvvu evariki propose chesava....seems like that...hhahaaa..!!!!

Anand said...

I do not agree upon the first sentence [:D]

Arathi Prakash said...

Karthik.. nuvvu.. nee kulli jokes.. rendu same ga unnayi! :P

Anand... Get married soon then! :)