Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Kosu Killing!

Killing a kosu is not merely a task; it is an art.
“Why so?” you may ask.
That’s why we have this post here!

We are sitting and working at our desk and we feel a sharp itching sensation on one of our feet. We are standing under a street light in the night and can feel a hundred of them circling over our head. We are cozily snuggling in our bed and getting ready for entering the world of dreams, when an irritating buzz pierces our ears and shatters our sleep. What is common in all these situations? Who is the nuisance here? The mosquitoes... the kosus.. who not only suck our blood but also drive us crazy with those buzzing sounds... They are also the carriers of innumerable diseases!

Swatting mosquitoes is not an easy task as it may seem to appear. When a kosu is perched on our arm, or it’s much better to imagine the kosu being on someone else’s arm, we need to cautiously move our palm closer to the kosu without shooing it away. Even when we reach very near to the kosu, we should not be in haste; else one or both of the two things may happen. The kosu will fly away and/or we will hit our friend’s arm and not the kosu. If the latter happens, we are sure to get a black eye or a bruised face depending on where we get the punch!

So, now our palm is very close to the kosu, almost touching it. With a very swift movement we should hit the kosu and with enough force that the kosu gets knocked off. However, we should not hit with too much force else the kosu will get squashed and it will stain the arm.

Just imagine if the kosu is on the wall, squashing it with too much strength will permanently stain the wall. It may stain our clothes too! It’s amazing that a teeny-weeny kosu can have so much blood that it oozes out like a fountain and sometimes dribbles too!

These kosus do not seem to be hindered even by mosquito repellents. We generously apply odomos cream to our entire body, yet the kosus hover over our ears and buzz. The odomos cream only gives us an added sweat, there is no relief from these pests!

How about using some tortoise? The spiral of kachchua is lighted and it glows red in the dark. We are gagged by the strong fumes and are almost choking. Yet why does not the kosu choke to death? I guess it’s become immune to all this!

You may be thinking that I will talk/write about All-Outs and Good Knights now. Well, you are wrong. When the pungent smoke of tortoise itself cannot destroy the mighty mosquitoes, what can the odorless fluids plugged to the electricity do?

I am reminded of my childhood days, when we used to consider these kosus as our enemies. Every day during twilight we would shut all the doors and windows of our house. We would switch on Jet mat or Good Knight mat. But it would never have any affect on the powerful kosus. So, we would light the jet mat and it would spew out fumes. We would hold it with an iduki (pattakarra in Telugu) and carry it around the house. We would sometimes burn neem leaves instead of those mats. (And they were equally effective way to ward off those pests.) We would ensure that the smoke gets spread to every nook and corner of the house. Soon a shower of kosus would fall onto the floor. The powerful fumes would make the kosus unconsicious. However, within a short period of time, they would regain their senses and start their nuisance. So, we would be ready to sweep the falling kosus into a heap and then swat them all with a single smack with our chappal. Yes, it was a very ruthless operation, but it was a survival of the fittest.

Guys, so at least now, do you accept that kosu killing is an art?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

On Public Demand...

Everyone wants to know whom I am referring to in my post "Selflessness"...
And... shall we let the cat is out of the bag now?
Do I really need to mention the selfless person's name?
Okay... Okay.... Enough of beating around the bush!
The person I was referring to in "Selflessness" is none other than our own good-for-nothing fellow... Just Kidding... It is Mr. Suresh Hari..!

Now the little secret is out! :)
Go Suresh, go and bask in the glory of fame! You are famous now! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009


We all have heard of cakes for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Farewells... But has anyone of you ever heard of cutting a cake for hard work? It may sound familiar to some of you; however, it seems to be a very unusual gesture for me.

I have received many awards, merit certificates and praisewalls for my contribution to my project; but no one had ever done anything like this for me. I never knew that a simple and sweet gesture can mean so much to me!

What an creative way to encourage the team by sending cakes to our homes! It has added a personal touch to the appreciation and has motivated me tremendously... I am very fortunate to work with such a thoughtful person like you. Thank you very much for the cake and for your moral support that has helped us jump over hurdles, break through the barriers and find resolutions to our issues.

Your unique way of honoring us will be a cherished memory in my heart for a very long time. This "award" will always remain special to me. This little gesture of yours has triggered an extra vigor in me to continue my work with more enthusiasm. Dhanyavaad!

(Please pardon me for the incoherent sentences. My mind and my heart are bursting out with so much happiness and gratitude that they seem to cloud my sense of writing.)

For readers who cannot make head or tail of the post. Here's the background:
Last Friday, when I was at the airport waiting to board the Hyderabad flight, I got a call from a aunt saying a parcel had been delivered on my name. What was inside the box? It was a yummy cake from our boss in recognition to our efforts. I cannot say if I was happy or sad at that point of time. There were mixed feelings. I was extremely happy and excited to receive something like that. At the same time I was a little upset that I would not be able to taste it until I got back to Chennai. Luckily for me, my 6yr old nieces, Anthika and Anvitha were at home and who can be more apt to represent me and cut the cake? :)

They have saved a large portion for me in the fridge! I am eagerly waiting to see the picture of it and to taste it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Secrets Revealed!

Thanks to Renu... I did a little self-introspection and identified some of my weird traits!

Eight things about me that hardly anyone knows: (you may ask why eight and why not ten… 8th is the day on which I was born…)
  1. I kiss the pillow before I put my head onto it every night I go to bed. It’s like saying: thanks for cushioning my head all night!
  2. I read anything that is readable. I even read from the newspaper covers that we put over school text books. Once I even found a very interesting article that I removed the cover and straightened the folds and read the whole thing!
  3. I remember and recognize the distinct smell of all my family members. It is not the smell of the lotion or deodorant they use; it is the smell (rather stench!) of their sweat.
  4. I suffer from morning sickness on almost all days of winter. Hey don’t come to any wrong conclusions! ;-)
  5. If someone calls me when I am fast asleep, I can chat with them sensibly for hours together. And on the next day morning, I can’t recollect even a single word of what I spoke. In fact on some days, I end up checking up my received calls list to verify if the conversation happened in reality or in my dreams!
  6. I don’t wait for special occasions to give gifts to my closed ones… Whenever I feel like, there will a little gift from me to all my special ones… Who knows you may be the next one to see a gift wrapped box on your desk!
  7. I prefer to sleep on the floor, rather than on the cot.
  8. I hate doing any of the household chores! God knows, what will happen to my husband if at all I get married! ;-)