Saturday, April 11, 2009


We all have heard of cakes for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Farewells... But has anyone of you ever heard of cutting a cake for hard work? It may sound familiar to some of you; however, it seems to be a very unusual gesture for me.

I have received many awards, merit certificates and praisewalls for my contribution to my project; but no one had ever done anything like this for me. I never knew that a simple and sweet gesture can mean so much to me!

What an creative way to encourage the team by sending cakes to our homes! It has added a personal touch to the appreciation and has motivated me tremendously... I am very fortunate to work with such a thoughtful person like you. Thank you very much for the cake and for your moral support that has helped us jump over hurdles, break through the barriers and find resolutions to our issues.

Your unique way of honoring us will be a cherished memory in my heart for a very long time. This "award" will always remain special to me. This little gesture of yours has triggered an extra vigor in me to continue my work with more enthusiasm. Dhanyavaad!

(Please pardon me for the incoherent sentences. My mind and my heart are bursting out with so much happiness and gratitude that they seem to cloud my sense of writing.)

For readers who cannot make head or tail of the post. Here's the background:
Last Friday, when I was at the airport waiting to board the Hyderabad flight, I got a call from a aunt saying a parcel had been delivered on my name. What was inside the box? It was a yummy cake from our boss in recognition to our efforts. I cannot say if I was happy or sad at that point of time. There were mixed feelings. I was extremely happy and excited to receive something like that. At the same time I was a little upset that I would not be able to taste it until I got back to Chennai. Luckily for me, my 6yr old nieces, Anthika and Anvitha were at home and who can be more apt to represent me and cut the cake? :)

They have saved a large portion for me in the fridge! I am eagerly waiting to see the picture of it and to taste it!


Renu said...

That surely is a nice and innovative way to say thanks. A tasty praisewall :)

Arathi Prakash said...

Very tasty indeed! :)