Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Secrets Revealed!

Thanks to Renu... I did a little self-introspection and identified some of my weird traits!

Eight things about me that hardly anyone knows: (you may ask why eight and why not ten… 8th is the day on which I was born…)
  1. I kiss the pillow before I put my head onto it every night I go to bed. It’s like saying: thanks for cushioning my head all night!
  2. I read anything that is readable. I even read from the newspaper covers that we put over school text books. Once I even found a very interesting article that I removed the cover and straightened the folds and read the whole thing!
  3. I remember and recognize the distinct smell of all my family members. It is not the smell of the lotion or deodorant they use; it is the smell (rather stench!) of their sweat.
  4. I suffer from morning sickness on almost all days of winter. Hey don’t come to any wrong conclusions! ;-)
  5. If someone calls me when I am fast asleep, I can chat with them sensibly for hours together. And on the next day morning, I can’t recollect even a single word of what I spoke. In fact on some days, I end up checking up my received calls list to verify if the conversation happened in reality or in my dreams!
  6. I don’t wait for special occasions to give gifts to my closed ones… Whenever I feel like, there will a little gift from me to all my special ones… Who knows you may be the next one to see a gift wrapped box on your desk!
  7. I prefer to sleep on the floor, rather than on the cot.
  8. I hate doing any of the household chores! God knows, what will happen to my husband if at all I get married! ;-)


Anonymous said...

A special occasion is already special. Smart of you to choose an ordinary day to gift something and make it special to people. When is my turn, btw? :)

Anonymous said...

So, you can chat sensibly in your sleep and forget things in the morning? Blissful isnt it? Unless you say wrong things to wrong ppl...ha ha

Anonymous said...

You cant escape household chores, I think. :-D

Renu said...

Arathi don't worry about household chores, I used to hate them too now its become a part of life :). well for one now i realize why mom's sometimes need our help. I admire her all the more now that I am a mom too

Arathi Prakash said...

Let's wait and watch and see how I am going to manage all that! :)

I agree with you... Mothers have loads of patience! Without them we are nothing... God knows how they handle 101 things at the same time! :)