Monday, December 5, 2011

Where have I been?

It has been more than a month since I blogged! How time flies!

So what happened in the past one month? So many things! The long awaited return to California, our wedding anniversary, vacation, Black Friday shopping... Phew!

V got a bicycle for me! We bought it at Walmart on Black Friday. The bicycle was the only thing we did not buy online during the Black Friday! It was a struggle to get the bicycle into our trunk. And finally when we reached home, I rode the cycle in our packing lot. It still had all the pricetags, user manual and all hanging from it. :)

The last time I rode a bicycle was when I was twelve. Long time! I wasn't very good at cycling. I surprised myself; realized I could balance myself well enough! I was super excited! :)

I took it out next day too. We still did not have a helmet; so I was driving in the parking lot only. V was showing me how to apply brakes and I mimicked him...

... and fell down. Oh my God! As V said: "She fell off the bike in slow motion." I do not know if it was slow motion or not, but I hurt myself. I bruised my knee! Every time I bend my knee, the skin stretches and it hurts! It is not that bad now. It's healing!

By the way, in India, the back wheel brake is on the left handle bar. It is the opposite in the US! Little things... But they may have a greater impact while riding!


Donna said...

Just one thing. Wear a helmet!

Arathi said...

Yes I will. I rode the bike in our parking lot just for a couple of minutes. I will take the bike out only after I get a helmet and a bike lock.