Monday, May 21, 2007

A Little Flower Opened My Eyes

“Oh! Little flower in the garden,
Where were you before you came into my hand?”

“I was in a little garden,
Looked after by a beautiful maiden.
I grew on a rose tree,
Where I was free,
To sing and dance
And prance.

“The maiden loved me very much.
I could say that from her soft touch,
The sight of me would fill her heart with pleasure,
Which none could measure.

“I also had a friend, Mr. Bee,
Who would sing a sweet song to me.
Then I would reward him with a quarter
Of my nectar.
He would take it to his house,
Which pleased his spouse.

“It was my pleasure
To entertain them at leisure.
I used to be very glad
Until the maiden brought a lad,
Who plucked me and my brothers and sisters,
To make a garland for unknown masters.

“The lad was simply mad,
To separate me from my Mom and Dad.
My brothers and sisters are all dead,
I am also on my deathbed.”

Suddenly the flower gave a weak roar
And I knew it was no more.
Unable to bear the sorrow,
On the morrow,
I made a promise
Which I’ll never dismiss.

The promise is that
I will never pluck
A flower from a plant or tree
Because, that is where the flowers are free,
To sing and dance
And prance.

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vanitha said...

Good One Arathi :)