Monday, May 21, 2007

Best of Luck, Ganga and Yamuna

Oh! Little sheep
Get up as soon as the alarm gives a beep.

Oh! Bright moon
Get dressed up soon.

Oh! Brave tiger
Finish off your prayer.

Oh! Wise owl
Eat quickly from your bowl.

Oh! Naughty kothi
Receive best wishes from your Akka, Arathi.

Oh! Pretty duck
Wish you best of luck.

Oh! Little hen
Don’t forget to take an extra pen.

Oh! Chirpy cricket
Don’t forget your hall-ticket.

Oh! Clever lamb
I know you’ll do well in your exam.

Oh! Beautiful flower
You’ll surely pass your exams with flying colours.

1 comment:

pradeepa said...

Hey U
Poem is as sweet as you