Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Horrible Pests

A house full of mice
Is like a town, full of spies,
Inspecting a criminal case
At a very critical phase.

There miserable creatures,
With frightening features,
Run all over the place,
Especially the empty space.

Mice in the kitchen,
Tearing at the roasted chicken,
Mice in the cellar,
Trying to open the pickle jar.

Breaking dishes and plates,
And reaching all the boxes and crates,
Ripping the quilts and mattresses,
And ripping at the dresses.

Crawling under the tables and chairs,
And climbing up the stairs,
Creeping under the bed,
Over the carpet-red.

Oh! What a mess they’ve made!
This is the result of their sickly raid,
Oh God! Is there no one to help us
To clear away all this mess?

There is no pied piper to blow the pipe
And try to wipe
These horrible pests,The uninvited guests.

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