Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh my friends!

Oh my friends!
I may behave like a stupid
Or act like one hit by cupid!
I may shout and scream at you,
Or hit you black and blue!

Whatever I do
Stick to me like glue!
Be by my side
Through times, good or
I need you, to share my joy and sorrow;
My victories and failures;
My dreams and aspirations;
My secrets and my embarassments.

Always with you, let me be
Never never never desert me!


Swetha said...

It's awesome arathi, too too good.

madhavi said...

even if u hit us black and blue , memu oorike neeku glue laaka antukoni undala??!! kudaradu!....koncham dooram ninchi eeedchi kottadduuuuuuuu?!

nice dream! :D