Thursday, May 24, 2007

Say Cheese! :-)

Oh smile! Where have you vanished?
Why have you ditched,
Our CresentMoon?
Come back soon! Come back soon!

Shashank, we want to hear
Your tinkling contagious laughter,
In your fourth and fifth gears!

We know what to do,
We’ll tickle you, tickle you!
And make you laugh
Till you say: "That's enough! That's enough!"

Laugh Mandu! Laugh!
Laugh till tears
Flow like rivers
Out of your eyes.

Laugh Mandu! Laugh!
Laugh even if the joke is a bore;
Laugh till you roll on the floor
Holding your tummy
And saying: "It's funny! It's funny!"

All we want from you
Is that same old evergreen sweet smile,
Back on your lips
With a promise that
The smile will be with you forever and ever.

Signed: Mastimakerz!


madhavi said...


That's very nice!

I do not know if Shashank's smile has come back after reading this, but I'm unable to control mine! It's so sweet! Just perfect for ur/our sweet MANDU!

sphurthy said...

Already fullllga navvuthoo janalani chavagodutuntadu....malli nuvvenduke laugh mandu, laugh antunnav?? :P