Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Car-ride with Karthik!

Car-ride with Karthik has always been a fun-ride... His funny comments and stories make me roll onto the floor clutching my tummy and laughing... His presence is like laughing gas...
In Karthik's own words: "Karthik's laugh and Yawning are contagious!!!"
Here are some of the rib tickling comments that he passes while driving:
  • (To a pedestrian crossing the road): He is simply moon-walking, man!
  • (To the vehicle-driver in front of his car, that is going at a snail's pace, even though all other vehicles are going fast): Nidhra mabbu lo nadipisthunnaadu! (loosely translated: He is driving in his sleep)
  • (To a pedestrian crossing the road): Kallu mooskoni cross chesthunnadu (He is crossing with his eyes tightly shut)
  • (To another pedestrian crossing the road): oorike itu nundi atu walking chesthunnaadu! (loosely translated as: He is on his morning walk and walking from this side of the road to that side!)
  • (To another pedestrian who crossed the road in a hurry right in front of Karthik's car): Did you find only my car to commit suicide!!! :P
It's a pleasure to sit in his car while he drives and entertains us!!! May be that's why his name has the word Car (KARthik) in it!!! ha ha ha :D

Needless to say, this post has been completely dedicated to the funny driver.. Oops.. I mean.. to our dear Karthik! :D

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