Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Full Moon Night

The night brightened by the full moon,
Was a great boon
To me who sat outside in the night,
To watch the beautiful sight.

The soft cool breeze,
Blowing through the trees,
Reduced my tension
And gave me relaxation.

I sat there counting the stars in the sky,
Avoiding the passers-by,
Who were walking down the lane
And were looking at me as though I were insane.

Suddenly, I heard the song of a lark,
And the sky became very dark,
A black cloud covered the moon,
And soon…
It began to rain,
I stood there in vain
Hoping that the rain would stop,
But, it did not, so, I made a skip and a hop
Into my room,
Saying ‘good bye’ to the moon.
Hoping to see him next night,I wished him ‘good night’.

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