Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The eyes had a tiny spark
That lighted my heart.

They reflected his every thought as clear,
As any reflection in the mirror.

This is what the eyes convey:

When he winks, He is joking.
When he rolls his eyes, he thinks I’m lying.
When he blinks, he wants me to blow out a speck from his eye.
When he closes his eyes, he is dreaming about me.
When he just stares at nothing, I know he is thinking.
When his eyes are full of tears, I know he is missing me.

I owe to his eyes everything,
For being my friend,

And help me comprehend the mysterious him.


madhavi said...

What a gr8 thought to pen down............... "a man's eyes are his girl's best friends for revealing his(of a mysterious man) feelings"....It's just gr8! True indeed!

sphurthy said...

Good thought Arathi...!
But, tell me who's this misterious man?? :P