Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Secret of my willpower!

This post is dedicated to the person who has been the cheerleader to me... Thanks dear for sending me this.... It is the best motivation letter I have ever got... As soon as I read this, I was all pepped up. It was more like listening to "Hum Honge Kaamiyaab..."
Dear readers, here the motivational letter for you....
All the best to your efforts. Times come when good people are questioned and doubted of their abilities. What differentiates the best with the good is the grit. Reminds me of a song, 'Jeena kya jeevan se haar ke...jeena kya jeevan se haar ke'! Go baby, show the world! You have got your life at stake, show them your best! You have got nothing more to do in this life...this is your only aim now...this is why you will live for some wont rest until you have proven yourself; and only to yourself. You wont find salvation in succumbing to the pressure. You will fight until there is any steam left in you. You will return home only after giving your best shot. You will sleep in the night guilt-free of having given your best shot. You will win yourself in winning the world. I know of only one Arathi in you and it is the one that will take you further up the road, to your destiny. You dont have to rule the world. The world will bow to you itself. Mark my words!
Whether the world will bow to me or not... I bow to you and thank you for sending me this.

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madhavi said...

Very motivating indeed!
See how powerful words are!
That too when they come from our closed ones...