Monday, April 5, 2010

Love at its zenith!

I read in a book: "In the love between a man and a woman, there always comes a moment when this love has reached its zenith- a moment when it is unconscious, unreasoning and with nothing sensual about it!" This holds good for any kind of relationship. When someone asks: "Why are you waiting for him when you are hungry?" We cannot answer because our love is beyond reason.

When we were children, we all used to love puris. But as we could afford this luxury only once in a month. On that special day, my mom and grandma would prepare puris and aalo curry. Each person had a fixed quota of 5 puris each, not more not less. By the time our grandma and mom would start their dinner , ours would almost come to an end. Then Grandma would ask if any one would want another puri(from her share). I always would wonder how could she give away a portion of her share, when she loved it so much. Now I do the same to my sisters and most of my close friends. Whenever I get chocolates, I try sharing it with all of my loved ones. At times, I am not left with any for myself. Yet the satisfaction that I get out of sharing is immense.

Our Paati is used to waking up by 3 or 4 in the morning. As she has severe arthiritis, she walks with a walking stick and she had recently recovered from Dengue Malaria. Every time I would hear any sound in the night, I would wake up with a start and call out for Paati just to ensure that she is fine... And Paati used to tell me later in the morning that I had call out for her several times and sometimes I would not even remember! Even in my sleep I would be alert for her!!! That's what love is all about!

When we have known our special someone for a long long time, the love for him/her matures. The love flows in our flesh and blood. It evolves from just being a physical attraction to a more meaningful relationship. A sharing hand at the kitchen... A partner while buying groceries and a help while doing our laundry... A bunch of carrots or a cup of curd bought just because they are my favorites... And the end of the day, a supporting shoulder to carry all our worries while we sleep in peace! I am glad that I found that kind of a love in him! :)


Renu said...

btw..i am waiting for the photographs..u sent me only a few... :)

Arathi Prakash said...

Hmmm... Actually I havent had time to upload any of the wedding pics... Once i am out of this current project, I will get some breathing space and that will be the right time to finish off this task! Thanks for your patience :)

Gayu said...

how trueeee.. love this post!!..

Arathi Prakash said...

Thank you Gayuuuu! :)

Donna said...

You're happy, and I'm happy for you. You understand love at all levels. And it's always good to be reminded of what a comfort love. is

Arathi Prakash said...

Yes it Donna... What a comfort love is!!