Monday, March 5, 2012

Mesh Organizer

Our grocery (the one we go to) sells oranges and lemons in mesh bags. I wanted to find a way to reuse this mesh material... And the perfect way to do that was to make a mesh organizer for our closet. 

I used the same pattern as that of the shoes-holder. The only difference is I used some batting for the backing of the mesh organizer. I used a decorative stitch (curvy stitch) for basting the fabric with the batting.

I used the mesh material for the pockets.

I glued a bird cutout from some scrap fabric onto the mesh pocket.

I am using this mesh organizer for our socks and gloves. I have hung it on the inside of our closet door.

Phew! Another pending item is off my list now! :-)


Donna said...

Love this. You are getting cleverer and cleverer!

Arathi said...

Thank you! :)