Thursday, March 29, 2012

Grocery Bag

Recently for my parents' wedding anniversary, I thought of making them matching grocery bags. These are simple shoulder bags made with fabric alone, without any batting. 

These are so simple to make.

First I cut basic pieces for one front, one back with flap, long strips for the strap and sides and some brown bias tape. 

I joined attached the bias tape to the flap (the trapezium portion of the fabric) as shown below. I also folded and stitched one edge of the square fabric.

With wrong sides together, I joined the front piece with the long strip that formed the side of the bag as well as it's strap(shown left in the below picture) .

Then I joined the front to the other side of the strap.

The I attached the bias tape to the raw edges of the long strips. That's it the bag is ready for use.

The best thing about this bag is: Even without sewing any separate lining, there are no fray edges in the interior of the bag! :)


Sri said...

Simple & easy!

Donna said...

Excellent tutorial. Love this!