Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shoes Holder

We walk barefoot at home and I do not like loads of shoes right at the main door of our house. As it is a narrow corridor, there is no way I can keep a shoe rack. I had to think of some other option. Or may be my hands were itching to touch the sewing machine again! :)

Whatever be the reason, I can now proudly say that I sewed a shoes holder/organizer all by myself. Have a look at the tutorial here

P.S: I used to write the posts in Google docs and then publish them directly onto my blog. All of a sudden I do not see that button anymore. I verified in Google docs help. It says I can publish it as HTML page and give its link in my blogger. Alas! I can't directly publish from Google docs anymore! Hope the link works!


Donna said...

Arathi, I love this! I love to see someone create something that is lovely AND functional!

Arathi said...

Thank you very much Donna! :)