Friday, October 30, 2009

***Balloon Fighting***

While I rummage into my cupboard trying to find a missing scrap of cloth for my latest patchwork bag, I stumble upon a dusty bag. When I open it I find it having some balloons; the balloons so old that some of them were fully stuck to each other and some others were stuck to the polythene bag. Mind you! All of them were unblown balloons looking so limp and frail with no air! Why not get them pumped up?

I start blowing balloons and tying them up. A couple of them burst on my face due to lack of elasticity… or did I blow too much of air into them? ;-)

While the number of fully-pumped balloons increase, my eyes fall on my sisters who are busily doing their tasks… I catch hold of a balloon and aim it on them. Thump! Thump! Thump! A shower of balloons hit them gently and they pick them back and aim at me. Thus starts our balloon fighting… it’s so much fun; more so, because the balloons are very light, so they can not travel long distances… We duck and bend and aim back… a good exercise after a whole day of sitting at the computer!

We recollect our childhood days when we would play outside our house for long hours and return home with more energy and fresh mind. That’s what is lacking with us now. Wish we all could go out for a long vacation and re-live those childhood days. Are you both ready for it, Gangs and Yams? :)


Donna said...

2 things. First, you captured nicely a sweet childhood memory. Second, a patchwork bag? How about a photo or post of that?

Arathi Prakash said...

Thank you Donna.. :)
The patchwork bag is done.. It has not come out that well... :(
But may be I should take a pic of it and post it. Will do it soon! :)

With my wedding round the corner, I am held up with other chores... :) (Hope you noticed the small countdown gadget at the right-hand-side corner of my blog)

yamuna said...

yes arts!..we had loads of fun that day...i am dyin to go on a abt packin me in a case? :p ...i am not over weight too...heheh

Arathi Prakash said...

Hmm.. It's not too late.. Get your passport ready and I will take care of the rest! :D