Friday, December 31, 2010

Detective Stories

I just can't keep away from my book reading... The recent one is of a collection of Detective Stories... The weirdest of these was the case where a dying man in his will wants to giveaway all his gold to a person whose weight is equal to the weight of the gold the dying man has. What a strange will!


Donna said...

Who's the author? What's the title? I love hearing about what others are reading. Just found a new website - shelfari - which lets you put a widget on your blogs of the books you've read. I'll do it - just don't know where.

Donna said...

or when...;-)

Arathi said...

Donna, the book is called: "Great Detective Stories". It is a collection of famous detective stories like Sherlock Holmes. This particular story that I was referring to is from "Mr. Bovey's Unexpected Will".