Monday, August 27, 2007

A Realization in life!

Today someone has made me realize yet again, how difficult it is to try not to hurt others' feelings... I do anything and everything to make sure that I don't hurt anybody either physically or mentally.. But why is this world like this? People, even our closest of friends, bring pain to us without even thinking twice... They lie without even batting the eyelid.. They say things that we don't like to, don't want to hear.. They do things that make us cry... They crack practical jokes on us... Why? Why? After all is done, they say, "Sorry!" Sorry? My foot! Can the words, once uttered, be taken back? Can the pain die with a single word, "Sorry"?

And all the while, even when I know that something like this may happen... Someone may hurt me.. Yet why do I try to make them feel happy? Why do I take care of them when I know they don't even bother if I am alive or not? Why do I support them when I know that they will not be there, when I need them the most?

I get insulted... I am treated badly... but still I go back to them...

I get hurt; it pains.. but still I continue to love them. Why? Why can't I hate people? Is it a sin to love everyone, to be kind to everyone? Is it wrong to believe in your own friends? Then why am I made to suffer?


Renu said...

Hey Sweetie!!

Stop getting upset about such things!!

There was a time when I also felt the same way but then I realized that ppl who do nopt care about us are not worth so much of pain and trouble.

You will realize in due course that there are only so many ppl who deserve all our love and attention

madhavi said...

"If not time, give me some person who can type fast..."
Hey Arathi, you prayed for someone and so, here I'm! ;)

"Hellooooooo, May I help you??!!!"

sphurthy said...

Good Realization...! :D