Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Unsaid Truth

The moon dreams to be with the earth
And the earth dreams to be with the moon…
Their endless courtship continues…

The moon tries to pull the earth towards itself
But only manages to tickle the waves in the ocean…
The earth reaches out to the moon
And that’s when we have high tides in the ocean…

The earth and moon meet twice during the day at the horizon...
First time at the moonrise and the second when the moon sets...

When the hour of rendezvous nears,
The moon becomes bigger and brighter in anticipation of the meeting
And the earth blushes in its milky white glow…

And when it’s Amaavaasya, the earth becomes dull and sad...
It drapes itself in black and mourns through the night.

During one such nights,
The wind moves in to be a new neighbor to the earth
When the wind peeks out of the mountains,
It sees the earth in sorrow.
The wind blows its gentle breeze
Trying to cheer up the earth…
The wind whispers into its ears and soothes the earth
The earth wraps up itself in the wind
And falls into a dreamless sleep

As time goes on…
The wind becomes very possessive of the earth
It can’t bear to see the earth with anyone else…

The D-day arrives…
The wind showers the earth with its sweet fragrance
And sends the clouds to spray the earth with water
The earth welcomes the drizzle with greenery
And waltzes in the rain

The wind swooshes around the earth in excitement
And confesses its love to the earth
The earth does not know what to do
But tells wind that they will never to able to bind together for life!

The wind stands transfixed in shock
And hides itself in the mountains…
The earth lays barren with no rain
And the hot sun makes the life worse for it…

Meanwhile the moon is suffering the curse of amaavaasya
It stands all alone with no earth for its company
The Polestar sees its plight and comes closer,
And gives the moon a twinkling smile.

The moon smiles back at its childhood friend
And the saptha rishis dance around them
The polestar twinkles and sparkles for the moon.

The moon finds its solace in the space…
In the vast emptiness and in the vacuum...
The moon realizes that this is what it’s destined for.
This is its home!
And when it pours out these feelings to Polestar,
The pole-star talks about its destiny.
“You are my destiny!”
The moon is dumbstruck,
To know that its childhood friend has been having such notions in mind.

But there is no time for any more thoughts,
For it’s the moonrise time…
The earth waits at the horizon with out stretched arms
And the moon lingers at the horizon for longer time.

During its transit across the sky,
The moon broods over its life…
About the earth… the pole-star… and their destinies…

When it nears the earth at the moonset time,
The moon realizes that they can only dream to be together,
But its home is amongst the stars.
It tells the earth about pole-star’s proposal.
“I am going to accept the pole-star as my better-half,” the moon says.

The earth is devastated… It trembles and shakes
Innumerable earthquakes and tsunamis occur within itself
It tears itself apart and grieves to oblivion.

The wind longs to see the earth
And so, it returns to blow threw the veins of the earth
Bringing back the lost shine onto the earth
The earth realizes that its fate has been bonded with the wind
And so, accepts to unite with the wind for life.

The wind floats on cloud nine
Its joy has no bounds
And it hops and skips around the earth
And wags its tail like a contented puppy!

The wind takes an oath,
“No matter what, I will always keep the earth happy!”

The moon, oblivious to the condition of the earth,
Spends its time with its honey.
It enjoys the tranquility of the space with its sweetheart.
The polestar is overjoyed
To see the affection that is showered on it…

Only when the moon has to traverse the sky,
It becomes very uneasy …
But the earth makes the moon feel comfortable
It shares the good news
And keeps talking more and more about the wind…
And the moon quietly listens
At the surface, both of them seem to be deeply involved in this conversation,
Yet they both know that it is all superficial.
It’s just a compromise they both had to make
They will never want to give words to their thoughts
Some things are best left unsaid!

The wind perceives the surge of love that the earth feels for the moon…
It knows that their rendezvous everyday is something beyond mere friendship.
Yet it shows no surprise nor gets angry with the earth.
It calmly backs off at the very sight of the moon

And then we can hear…
…the wind howling in the caves of the mountains all through the night!

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