Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Teddy Bear Applique

A Sale of used books at our library proved to be very useful. I could catch hold of several crafts related magazines, most of them had blown out paper templates for the crafts. This latest project of mine has been inspired by Handcrafts magazine, 1990 issue.

The project in the magazine was about fabric painting using stencils. I used the same approach but wanted to do an applique. 

I added ribbons and buttons to give a more 3-D look.

I have uploaded this project in Craftsy with instructions. Here is the link to the page. This is for "Mother's Day" contest in Craftsy. The more "hearts" I get, the more chances I have to win the contest.
Good luck to me! :)


DarkDepth said...

Cute one again!!

Sri said...

I gave my heart !

Arathi said...

Thank you Sri and Ramya! :)