Monday, July 2, 2012

Simple Times

I was surprised to find an aisle in Joann's with all kinds of jigsaw puzzles and just had to grab a couple of them. I love working on jigsaw puzzles. They calm me and clear up my cluttered mind. Since childhood we have been solving these puzzles. It is one of the favorite pass-times for my mother and my grandmother.

This recent puzzle that I was working on is called "Simple Times" with a scene from countryside with sloped-roof houses, cattle, lake, horse-driven cart, picket fences and lots of green.

I started with the edges and tried to form the frame before working on the inside blocks of the puzzle. It was more difficult than I had anticipated. What saved were those white picket fence blocks! I first got the picket fence ready and then worked around those pieces and slowly the remaining parts of the puzzle emerged. I had so much fun making each of the houses. I am planning to make a visit to the store again to find if I can catch hold of any new puzzles. :)

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