Sunday, June 17, 2012

Teddy Bear - 2

In continuation with the Teddy Bear Applique I made earlier, I made another wall hanging with the teddy bear in a different pose. I used the same set of fabric.

This was one project that required completion. I wrote a post on how I needed a little push in bringing my projects to successful completion, remember? (here is the link to that post) After writing that post, I told myself that I will not take up anything new until I complete this one.

I had finished doing the patchwork on the yellow fabric and had attached the borders, but this incomplete project lay on my craft table for more than a month, before I picked it up and finished it. I need someone to keep nagging me to complete my stuff... :)

I am happy the way this has turned out to be. The flowers are already ready-made ones. I just had to iron them onto my fabric. It was simple and added so much beauty to the wall hanging.

I have one more pose of the teddy to finish. I hope to start on that soon! :)

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