Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stitching the quilt sandwich

Did you ever feel very much inclined towards a quilting project till the quilt-top is pieced together and then lose interest in it? 

I join all the pieces of the quilt and do some patchwork on some of the pieces. I reach the point where I need to prepare the quilt sandwich with backing and batting; then pin the three layers to hold them in position and start quilting. But no! I stop working on the project and take up another project. Why do I need a push when I reach this stage in the project? Several incomplete quilts are lying in my closet. They are waiting to be quilted!!!

What do I do? I need that little push to get going on the project! :)

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DarkDepth said...

Happens! I have so many crafts and painting lying there for years. I pledged not to start on a new one till I finish the pending ones and since then nothing much moved :( If you get the secret to get the push needed, share it with me.