Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quoting Thatha...

In Thatha's own words:
"Appa Satrigal ponna irundhu... Kuppa satrigal maatuponna irundhu... 'Lavanam' na enna nu theriyaadhaa? nu solli... Yerumai Shaani ya konduvandhu vechchaalaam!!"

Translated to Telugu:
"Appa Satrigal kuthuruga undhi... Kuppa satrigal Kodaluga undi.. 'Lavanam' ante enti ani naaku theliyadhaa? ani cheppi... Gedha peda thechchi pettindhanta!!"

Translation in English (my best try!):
"Being the daughter of Appa priest and daughter-in-law of Kuppa priest, how will I not know what 'Lavanam' means?, said she and brought buffalo dung"

By the way, Lavanam is a Sanskrit word taht means "Salt"!!! :-)

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