Friday, February 4, 2011

Iron On Transfer and Haste...

I bought some Rhinestuds online and I had wrongly assumed that the transfer paper will also be supplied with them. When the shipment reached home, I was more than eager to try out. But I did not have the transfer paper. I checked for them on online stores but was very reluctant to buy.

Then an idea popped into my head. Why not use the packaging tape that I have for transferring the Rhinestuds onto fabric. Now is where I have to mention how excited I become whenever I get new and/or crazy ideas! All the while an idea is into my head and is not yet put into execution, I keep visualizing how I would do it. And end up not concentrating on my present even when it is work!!!

So, this time when I got a new idea.. that is the idea of using a packaging tape in place of transfer paper... I could not wait at all! I had to try it at once.

So, I placed the rhinestuds on the sticky side of the tape.

Then I placed the tape onto the fabric so that the tape stuck to the fabric.

Then I placed a cotton fabric onto the tape and pressed the iron on it by keeping the maximum cotton setting on my iron.

Then comes the tricky part of peeling away the tape from the fabric. The Rhinestuds stuck. But as you can see below some of the goo from the tape also stuck to the fabric.

But I used a lint roll to remove the goo!!! Yipee I am done..!

But in my haste I did not place the Rhinestuds properly on the tape.. So the pattern is kind-of skewed. But that's okay. Now I know I do not need to buy a transfer paper for my Hotfix Iron-ons!! I am so happy... But of course, next time onwards, I should not be this hasty! :)


Donna said...

I love that you took a risk and experimented. And I love even more than what you did turned out! Good for you.

Arathi said...

Thanks Donna! But this haste of mine is going to make me suffer some day! :)

Renu said...

smart thinking!

Arathi said...

Thanks Renu!
Hey I am waiting for new posts from you...! :)