Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Special

Here is my contribution to the Earth Day: A doormat made out of jute bags.
The rice we buy comes in 10LB jute bags. I cut open a couple of those jute bags to use them a layers for the doormat. I used a yard of jute fabric as a topper for the mat.
I joined smaller pieces of the jute-bag fabric by hand. Then joined all the layers together. At regular widths of 4-inches, I made stitches along the length of the fabric. This is to make the doormat more sturdy.
Using a colorful shiny fabric, I made ruffles and attached it to the doormat at the centre.
I cut the same shiny fabric into thin long strips and attached them as borders to four edges of the mat.
The doormat is reversible too! Like it? :)


Donna said...

Like it? I love it!

Arathi said...

Thanks Donna! :)