Saturday, June 15, 2013

Coyote Creek Trail

This board caught my eye on the first day to the office... I had to go there and have a glimpse of the creek... :)

To my delight, on a working day, right after I got out of office, we parked our car at the entrance and took the trail... Below is a picture of the entrance area...

It is a paved trail for hikers and bikers... Lined on either side by these dried grass.. 

Do these plants really belong to the grass family? I don't really know... But I love the sound of them rustling when the wind blows...

The view of these golden grass plants looks very beautiful even from the MacArthur Blvd.

We walked on the trail for about half an hour in either direction, but there was no creek in view. May be it gets dried up during this time of the year... 

  All these pictures were taken from a camera phone... I am so happy that they have come out so well!!

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