Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8th

Phew! The parcel reached them on their day. It was the one to witness their smiles while they unpacked it. Two little pouches for my two little sisters!

Wish you a very Happy Birthday my darling sisters! 
All the while I made these, I was imagining their faces when they would open the package to see these pouches... It is indeed a pleasure to make our loved ones happy! :)

All sewed with love and care...

I cut all the pieces using my Sizzix bigshot machine. The pouch body is fleece and the flowers in felt. The star button to add beauty to the flower.

Stitched a couple of button holes and passed the grosgrain ribbon through it, then tied it into a bow.

Simple, yet beautiful... Just like my sisters! :)

What started out as a cell phone pouch... ended as a pouch to be used for saving trinkets! But what's important is it reached them on their birthday... Thank you USPS!

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Prakash Rama said...

Dear Kunju:
You are a loving doll. So thoughtful and creative expressing your love and affection.
Wish you and Vikram all the happiness you deserve.
A tight hug and loads of love.