Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Zipper :)

Phew! One more step conquered.
I have never felt comfortable with sewing zippers; but now I am!

Materials Used:

  1. Outer Fabric - 2 pieces - 10" X 5"
  2. Inner Fabric -  1 piece  - 10" X 9"
  3. Zipper - 11" length

Place the inner fabric right-side up, zipper right-side down & outer fabric right-side up.

Stitch the edge.

Take the other piece of outer fabric. Sandwich the other edge of zipper between the outer fabric and other edge of inner fabric.

Stitch the edge. Whenever the zipper pull comes in the way, gently unzip the zipper so that the zipper pull will be away from the part of the edge that is being stitched.

Now the fabric is attached to the zipper.

Place the long edges of the outer fabric together, with right sides facing each other. Stitch the edge.

Now consider one of the shorter side. Place the right sides together and stitch the edge.
Now stitch the other edge. Ensure that there is a small opening left to turn the purse right side out.

Now with the help of the opening, turn the purse right side out. Then close the opening with hem stitch. Push the lining into the pouch.

Now the pouch is ready for V's swimming goggles! :)
Happy New Year!

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