Monday, June 4, 2007

@PR Nagar home

Thanks a lot for each one of those ppl who came home yesterday...

Well, initially when I sent the invitation to everyone, I did not know how many ppl would turn up.. I was hesitant to insist or force anybody to come home becoz everyone would have their own plans and weekend is the only time when we all get time to spend at home... I wanted all the DBAs to be a part of this get-together.. But I knew most of them work on weekends..

When I found out from each one of the persons invited, I realized that only 6 to 7 ppl would turn up... But on Sunday morning, I got calls from Spoo and Vani that they would not come... I was very upset.. I thought that only Papa, Karthik and Suresh would come home( I could not reach Maddy over phone)

First Papa came home, followed by Suresh.. Then Karthik and Shashank came in Karthik's car(Karthik, you drive well dear except for the car having to be restarted a couple of times).. It was a surprise for me to see Shashank, as he told me he would not come...

We all were starving but had to wait for our Mad Maddy! :-) Meanwhile we hit everyone.. Oops.. played with everyone with a large, yellow, light-weight ball.. Papa complained that I invited her home and was getting her hit black-n-blue... ;-)

Everyone liked the house as it is big and has a number of rooms, a nice place to play hide-n-seek.. Karthik was asking me if he can rent the house.. We showed him a special room for him to stay - the bathroom.. hahaha :-D

In this context, I would take the opportunity to thank someone who has helped me a lot in getting the house to a proper shape.. I would not want to embarass the person by mentioning names, but I would like to say: Thanks a lot lot lot, dear. Without you, nothing would have been possible! :-)

When Maddy finally called up from Padma Rao nagar bus stop, all of us went to receive her.. First Suresh and Shashank in Suresh's super-red pulsar.. And the remaining went by Karthik's car... They reached before us, as Karthik had to start the car again and again ;-)

When Maddy saw Suresh and Shashank on the bike, she was wondering where she has to sit to get back home.. She thought if she had to sit on the tank of the pulsar? Then she spotted us in the car.. She also had a dose of Karthik's driving while going home.. :-)

Once home, we all had our lunch.. Shashank ate the least... Everyone said the food was good! I hope they meant it :-)

Then, all of us started playing cards... The game's called "Donkey" and every time some one became a "D" or a "DO", we sang the title song of Don! :-D
As everyone was getting lazy to distribute the cards, someone suggested a different way of doing it, by throwing the cards in the air and asking each of us to catch 7cards each! There was tough competition amongst Maddy, Karthik and Shashank to become Don..i mean...Donkey! Pradeepa also became one of the leading competitors! As we could not wait to see a "D-O-N-K-E-Y", we shortened the game to make it a "P-I-G" Well, PIG also means Pretty-Indian-Girl.. So, Shashank was teasing that already there were 3 PIGs in the room! But the actual title of PIG was gained by our Karthik, especially for his unique way of distributing the cards.. He managed to give away the cards to everyone, but no one got "the Spade Ace".. So, the game ended without being played and Karthik became winner of the title.. Oops.. loser of that game...

Pradeepa left for home first, as she had promised that she would be back home by 3(it was already 4:30).. but there was a great hunt for her handbag.. Shashank had hid it in one of our bags... Maddy helped her in finding it! For this, Shashank planned to take revenge on Maddy!

Karthik was asking for coffee every now and then("Oka Coffee unte, Adhiri poyedhi.. Oka coffee unte baagundedhi.. Oka coffee unte ayipoyedhi..") As you all know I don't go into the kitchen at all, leave alone, cooking or making tea/coffee! Everyone especially Shashank and Karthik had to wait a long long time before getting anything to drink..

Going to movie was another great story:
Our family members were planning to go for a movie but it was all decided at 5:50 when all the shows start off... Suresh offered to get the tickets for "Aduvari maatalaku...". But going to Manju was too late then, so we decided to go to Amba theatre, mehdipatnam... The show starts there at 7... Suresh and Karthik left by the red-red pulsar to get the tickets while I also asked Srividya(who lives in MP) to stand in the queue..

Shashank was not in mood to see Telugu movie, So, Suresh dropped him at Secbad Railway station. Maddy also left for home after sometime.

When we all left home, it started raining. When we reached Masab Tank, Karthik phoned that they could not get tickets.. I was wondering whether to believe him or not.. As we all know, our group is known for playing pranks.. So, we never know what is the truth.. But when we reached MP, we realized they were telling the truth... Suresh stood at the theatre drenched from head-to-toe! Karthik got into our car while Suresh wished us good-bye! Sorry, Suri! Becoz of us you had to get wet!

Then we all decided to go for the second show at Manju.. Near Manju, Karthik and I got down while the rest left for home to have dinner... Before they could leave, something stopped them.. Do you know what it was? Mouth-watering smell of Bajjis from a road-side bandi... We packed mirchis, aalu-bajji and masala vada for them. Karthik and I also had them at the bandi, till we could eat no more.. We waited in the queue for the tickets... Once we got the tickets, we still had to spend one hour before the show started..

We looked around and found furniture showroom.. We went in and looked around.. We were commenting on the furniture pieces there. But the shop owner spoiled our fun by following all around.. So, we quickly got out. It was drizzling. We went to Taj Mahal hotel just to get out of the rain. Karthik's dream of the day was satisfied here when he ordered for coffee for himself.. I had a fruit-salad with icecream.. Karthik was teasing me saying: "vaana lo icecream enti. pichchi combination!"

At ten minutes to 9, we reached the theatre but my family members were no where to be seen. We waited and waited and waited. We could not even reach their mobile. Had to miss first five minutes of the movie.

My mom had packed dosas for our dinner.. We had them during the interval between the movie. After movie, we reached home. Karthik was wondering if he will reach home(in his lovely car!) in the dead of the night without dashing a couple of people... We didnot want any people to kick the bucket because of Karthik's dealy driving, hence he stayed at my place for the night.

I started snoring(not literally!) as soon as I hit the bed. Well, that's how the great day came to an end!

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