Monday, October 15, 2007

Getting Married Part-III

(Continuation of "Getting Married Part-II")
How could I forget that! She should have been happily married to Bhaskar if it were not for…

If Bhaskar’s mother fell ill after their engagement, was that Shilpi’s mistake? If his brother met with an accident, should she be blamed for it? Well, that’s what happened and ultimately the engagement was broken.

Amma’s words brought me back to the present. She was saying something about prayers and temples.
“I was not listening to you,” I admit to Amma, “What were you talking about?”
“I was telling that we all will pray to God everyday,” said Amma, “that nothing unpleasant should happen to the groom’s family and that Radhika’s wedding should happen uneventfully.”
“Yes, ma, I will. Shall we start from today?”
“Okay then. Let’s go to the temple this evening, once you return from office.”
She needs all our best wishes, our prayers and blessings. In fact, every bride-to-be needs all these, to protect her from the harshness of the principles of the society.
Why is life so partial!

“What’s wrong with you again?” asks Amma, seeing me toss my food around the plate.
“I can’t understand this girl at all.” I say.
“Which girl?”
“Don’t pretend to be ignorant,” I shout, “you very well know whom I’m referring to.”
“What happened between you and Radhika again?” she asks.
I try my best to control my fury. How can someone’s priority’s change so abruptly, so selfishly! How can someone behave so rudely!

I put my head on Amma’s lap and cry to my heart’s content. She patiently listens to my tale of woes.

“Everybody who knows Radhika knows that she’s a huge huge fan of Abhishek Bachchan. Her room is full of her posters. She never misses watching any of his movies.”
“Yes,” Amma agrees, “Now don’t tell me that you have fallen in love with Abhishek Bachchan.”
In spite of myself, I laughed at her silly joke.
“I got her first-day, first-show tickets for the movie ‘Guru’,” I continue, “as a surprise gift for her birthday and she refused to accompany me.”
“But why?” Amma asks in a surprise.
“She said she was meeting her Siddhu in the morning and will spend the entire day with him.”
“That’s so obvious.”
“What’s so obvious? Ditching a childhood friend for a two-month old fiancĂ©?”
I rush out of the house unable to bear the reality. Will I also behave in the same manner, if I were engaged? Will I forget the whole world? Will my whole world be him and only him?

I walk and walk and walk, cover miles together and tire myself. I remember those days when we could not even bear a separation of a day. We would spend our summer vacations together, half of the time at her grandparents place and the other half at mine.
Where have those days gone?

(Sorry for this lengthy narrative.... It will be continued in "Getting Married Part-IV")


Thej Kumar S A said...

Man i hate my net speed. Posting this comment for the second time..
An awesome story.. Its almost real life like.
Tried adding ur blog to my blogroll but my stupid net keeps on loading the page..

Could you please ping me when you come up with IV of this story..

Arathi Prakash said...

Thanks Thej!

The Part-IV of the "Getting Married" is ready! :-)