Monday, February 4, 2008

God is still there!

Last night I decided to take some parcels for home from Dosa Plaza. As we all know, Dosa Plaza is in the second floor. We have to take the stairs to the place. As I was about to climb the steps of the building I observed two boys (Ones who do valet parking), talking to each other. I heard one say to the other: “Take care of this girl also na!” and then both started laughing. To my disbelief, that guy started following me. I was terrified. My saree did not allow me to climb fast, yet I managed to take two steps at a time. But he was catching up fast. When I was almost at the second floor, I looked back to see him climbing faster with both his arms stretched towards me. He was at a distance where he could almost touch me. Luckily for me, two other persons were coming in the opposite direction and I rushed into Dosa Plaza.

While I was waiting for my order, I was wondering how to get out of the building. I was sure that that guy would be still lurking around. With everyone already at home, I could not call anybody. But for moral support, I just sent home an SMS telling my situation. This is what I got for reply, “Wait! Ask the waiter to drop you. He will; he knows us dear. Act quick. Courage. Nothing will happen. God is there. I wish I were there (with you).” I read it several times. But how could I ask the waiter? What would I tell him, if he asked for the reason why I wanted him to accompany me? While all these thoughts stormed my mind, the waiter got the parcels and the bill. I paid and got up to leave.

Just then the power went off. There was no provision of generator for Dosa Plaza and other outlets in that building. I cursed myself. How would I get down the stairs in dark and that too in a Saree? I felt so vulnerable. Meanwhile the waiter asked me to wait and he fetched a torch and showed me the way out through the stairs, all the way till I got out of the building.

While we were walking down, I noticed the valet parking guy following us. He was using a matchstick for light. I felt relieved that I was not alone. When the reached the last step of the staircase, I thanked the waiter profusely.

This incident has increased my faith in God. Yes, there is surely someone up there taking care of all of us.


Von said...

hmm. HE would have wanted you to have faith in yourself first instead.

Arathi Prakash said...

May be!