Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Farewell to S10

For the past 2 years, S10 has been my second home. I think I must have spent more here rather than at my home. :-)
As all things are prone to changes, so is my location. Our project has been shifted to Campus and from tomorrow, we will be working from Campus.

This sudden change is making me feel very insecure and restless, I don't know why.

For the past two years, S10-4F10 has been the adda for most of our NCG-10 ppl... For the guys working in non-S10 locations, this location has been the baggage counter(cloak room).. By 6PM, my desk has been decorated with your bags, jerkins, helmets etc. etc. Most of you have used my system at some point or the other, for sending mails or to play games or to copy photos using USB ;-)

But from now on, this desk, this location will be used by someone else. S10-4F10 has been my location but now I will have to leave it for someone else to occupy.

My desk drawers have been home to all the sauce sachets from McD, for snacks that would come in handy during late-night treats and also for paper-plates, butter-knife, spoons etc. etc... It was also a stationery unit where one could find staplers, pins and other knick-knacks... I have emptied the drawers now, for I have to submit the desk keys to the facilities... I have never seen my desk, this empty..

Whoever gets a call from 6405 will say, "Haan Arathi.. Enti? Cheppu..." (even when it's Spoo or Shank who is making the call.. ) The number 6405 has been an permanent extn number for me.. But from tomorrow, the calls to this number will not be picked up by me... :-(

You must be thinking, what an emotional fool, I am... But guys, this is what I feel right now.

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Anand said...

I miss S10 :((((((
we are thrown to a desert