Monday, June 8, 2009

Bull’s Eye becomes Scarecrow

As we enter the manufacturing plant, a lot of colored plates catch our attention. These plates have been hung from the ceiling of the factory. These plates have concentric circles painted on them in catchy colors. Is there some target practice going on in the plant? Or is anyone playing Bull’s eye (game of darts) here? No. Not at all!
These plates serve an entirely different purpose. They are used as scarecrows, or rather as scare-pigeons!

It is a popular belief that the pigeons do not stay in places where shootings go on. Wherever shootings go on there are dart boards or target plates around. It seems that the pigeons do recognize the dart boards as symbols of death and stay away from them. The clever factory workers/management have dangled these plates near to the ceiling all over the plant to scare the pigeons.

From what I could gather from the workers, the number of pigeons has drastically decreased. The bull’s eye scares the pigeons indeed!

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