Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lost, but Found!

As I enter our cabin, I see my colleague sifting through a pile of things on our desks, pulling out the chest of drawers, looking under the desks and scrutinizing every nook and corner of the room. As soon as he sees me enter the cabin, he asks at once, “Did you see the network port for this label printer?” and continues, “I remember keeping it right here on this modem, but I am unable to find it.” His words come out like a flood gushing out of his voice-box. He looks very anxious and is thinking aloud trying to recollect where he had put the external network port. “I should have locked it up in my cupboard. There are many rats that roam around during the nights… May be one of them took it away. But what will a rat do with it? It’s not an eatable. Did someone else take it for safe-guarding? Let me go ask at the reception.” All this sentences are incoherent and inconsistent. Poor thing! He can’t help it. The network port was indeed expensive.

His frantic search reminded me of another incident narrated by my maternal grandfather. My thatha would have been in his teens then. He would wear veshti(dhoti) during those days. One day he washed and hanged his veshti out for drying. When he returned home, he realized his veshti was nowhere to be seen. He felt bad because he had only two or three veshtis that he would wear in rotation. He searched everywhere and asked everyone about it. He thought may be one of his family members would have taken it and kept it in his shelf, or may be it just fell off the clothesline due to a gush of wind and might have drifted farther away from his house. He searched whole of his backyard and neighboring houses too.

All the time while he was searching, he continuously chanted a mantra. This mantra is supposed to get back anything that was lost. It goes like this:
Karthaveeryaarjuno naama (A person by name Karthaveerayarjuna)
Raaja Baahu Sahasravaan (he has thousand strong arms)
Thasya smarana maathrena (if we think of him for a moment)
Gatham Nashtancha Labhyathe! (whatever we have lost, will be found)

My thatha was sincerely urging Karthaveerayarjuna to search and get back his veshti. Like a miracle, he found his veshti, but it was of no use to him.

But why so?

That evening their curd-vendor came home to sell them curd. And what did my thatha see on him? His own vesthi! The vendor was wearing my thatha’s veshti. He might have flicked it from their backyard. Generally all vesthis are white in color. So the vendor might have thought that no one will discover his theft. However every veshti also has a border or some stains that are uniquely identifiable to the owner of the veshti. My thata found his veshti because of Karthaveerayarjuna, but what was the use? He could not take it back nor use it!

Sometimes even when we find our own things, they may be rendered useless to us.

Coming back to the Karthaveerayarjuna slokam… This slokam has helped me many times in finding my misplaced things. I do not know whether Karthaveerayarjuna himself searches them for me, or chanting of this mantra makes my brain to concentrate more and to recollect where I had placed those things. Whatever be the reason, thatha’s Karthaveerayarjuna works wonders!
What happened to my colleague's network port? Well, he never found it. May be because I did not teach him this mantra. You see... he seems to be too modern for it! ;-)


Renu said...

like i wrote in telepathy..i think solutions to all our problems r already there...we consider ourselves too modern to look for that old stuff maybe!and if told..we ask if it really works and if it is with 100% accuracy...

Arathi Prakash said...

That's true dear...