Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Suddenly some words keep ringing in the air.

“She was sitting right there, and when I greeted her with a ‘Hi!’, she responded back with another ‘Hi!’… just another ‘Hi’… no smile.. nothing! What a typical candidate was what I thought!”

Those were the words from one of my best friends. He was narrating how we both had met for the first time and what he thought of me then. When I think about my past, I realize many at times that I have not genuinely smiled or heartily laughed in ages. Have I forgotten how to laugh… How to take things lightly and make fun of all my flaws and short-comings and do things that I always love to do? Why do I keep taking up others’ things and keep cribbing that I have lots to do?

Am I myself making my life hectic and tiring? Have I forgotten how to live life? I keep jotting the points in the To-DO list and keep striking them off as soon as I am done with them. Is life just this?

What’s on the mind shows on the face! Why I do brood over things so much? I sometimes feel like taking my brain off my body and relax. If I don’t take a break soon, I am bound to join a mental asylum.


Renu M said...

very true..we all at some point of life are in this stage..i think we need to to learn how tto just let go of things, and live precisely in the moment.:)and i guess it would make life happy and easy!

Arathi Prakash said...

Hmm.. That's right! Wish I were able to let go of things so easily! :(

Renu said...

Aarti you sometimes remind me about myself, at times i also think i have forgotten how to have fun and enjoy life, well girlie we do have a lot of time to worry and very less to enjoy so have fun

Arathi Prakash said...

Thanks dear!
I will try my best! :)