Saturday, March 27, 2010

Knotty Tidbits: 1

During our wedding ceremony, there was a ritual where I had place my hand over V's heart. For split of a second, I was wondering where his heart was. I mean, I knew that heart is supposed to be on the left-side of the body. But at the moment I could not make out where his left was!!! I put a hand over my heart and then proceeded to place my hand on his heart...
The priest was quick enough to observe it and remarked: "I asked you to place a hand on his heart and not yours... Don't you know where his heart is?" And this was accompanied by a naughty smile from V (It was as though he was saying: "I lost my heart to you and you are wondering where my heart is!")... I was blushing red and was trying hard not to blush! What a sight I must have been!!!

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