Monday, March 22, 2010

Wedding Bells


My best friend is getting married!!! Wow! I feel so pleased, happy and excited. I am jumping with joy... And this news is doubly-delightful because I hear it on the 4-month anniversary of my wedding...

I am so damn happy for you dear. Falling in love and marrying your love... This is the best thing that can happen to anyone...

This is the occasion to disclose the dream that I got about him long long time back. Okay Mandu, don't get angry! I really have to reveal it! ;-)

I dreamt that all of our friends had decided to play a game. Each person has to do something to shock the rest of the persons. The person who does the best is the winner. And I vividly remember what our Mandu did to shock us. Well, some part of it is censored. So, I won't write about it. To summarize the whole thing, what our Mandu did, was to arrange the stage ready for a wedding ritual and he actually got married and that was his act to shock us. I felt bad (in my dream) that he did not even bother to inform the wedding date earlier. It was indeed a weird way to shock us!!! Now in a way my dream has come true! Mandu, you shocked me with this pleasant surprise ;-)

I wish you, couple, a life full of everything. Let the magic of love bind you together till eternity!

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