Friday, November 19, 2010

Bolster that was once a pillow!

Two of our pillows flattened to almost nothing after three months of use. Initially we pushed two of the pillows into a single pillow cover and used it under the head. But soon I got tired of it and wanted to make something out of them. 

And this is the result of the doing! Don't they look pretty?!

I rolled each of the pillows and hand-stitched it so that it would not unravel into a pillow again. It looked like cylinder. Then I stitched some fancy covers for it. And that's how the pillow took re-birth in the form of a bolster! :)

This bolster cover has some nice frills attached to it. Ain't it lovely?

And this one has machine embroidery done on it. In fact I stitched each line using a different embroidery stitch and now I could even use this cover for sampling the stitches before I decide to use a particular stitch on some other cloth! :)
Now V is very happy to use these bolsters for support while watching movies from our laptop! :)


Renu said...

Lovely! Good job! :)

Donna said...

I love both of these bolsters. But I really LOVE the one that is a sampler for all your wonderful machine stitches! What thread did you use? It looks golden!

But what I really love is how you are just cranking out the projects! Keep experimenting!

Arathi said...

Thanks Donna! I used mustard colored cotton machine thread. I don't hvae any of the embroidery threads. I think because of the shine of the white material, the thread looks golden on the bolster!

Arathi said...

Thanks Renu!